Guitar is a stringed musical instrument, which contains six strings and using fingers or pick a musical play can be performed... Read More..


A musical keyboard is an instrument used to play musical notes based on the thesis of Piano. In earlier days piano is used to play musical notes... Read More..


A Drum is called as tympan or a musical percussion instrument; usually consists of a hollow cylinder with a membrane stretched across each end...Read More..


Octopad is the musical instrument introduced in the year 1985, which was the first model and it has became an advantage to the classical...Read More..

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About Music

Music is an outcome of various sound pitches composed together in symphony delivering melody to audience. Music is an art of presenting together several tones in a sequence order that stirs up one’s spirit, which causes to attain peaceful and even cheers up one’s heart to jump over and dance. Music can be the best means of expressing our emotions, through music we can communicate our mood to the surrounding people. In fact the very word Music is derived from Greek ” mousike” which means “an art of reflective thinking on a subject”.

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